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  1. admin
    abril 16, 2019

    To earn trust, we must be consistent in two areas. First, your message and delivery must be in sync. Second, your communication must be consistent Monday to Monday, every day and in every interaction. When prospects learn what they can expect from you in every interaction, trust grows.

    • Robert Zaposki
      abril 16, 2019

      Start by acknowledging your own limits, and have the courage to evaluate your current behavior. Once you realize the importance of influence in your sales process, you can work to improve yours. Anyone can be influential if they are willing to do the work.

  2. Mike Van Oliver
    abril 16, 2019

    Impact comes from a genuine connection with others when we honor them by listening and prioritizing their needs. When we make our prospects’ needs more important than our sale, we create a connection that makes a lasting, trustworthy impact.

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